[16] Stewart was originally credited under the name Gracie Lazar,[17] while Schneider was sometimes credited under her rock opera performance pseudonym Blue Girl. Geen personage; South Park; 8 Mini Southpark knuffels met clip (Ca. He aspires to be a stand-up comedian, and is often featured performing his routines. A few characters have had a major recurring role in the past episodes in the show before they were either killed or retired. Mr. Slave loopt rond in een leren outfit. The catchphrase also appears in MAD magazine's satire of TITANIC where Stan, Kyle and Cartman are shown on a lifeboat while they were supposedly escaping from the sinking ship. [1] The town is also home to an assortment of characters who make frequent appearances in the show such as students and their family members, elementary school staff, and recurring characters.[1]. Among the show's main child characters, Cartman is distinguished as "the fat kid",[2] for which he is continuously insulted and ridiculed. [6][28][29][30] Stanley "Stan" Marsh is one of the show's four central characters and is voiced by and loosely based on series co-creator Trey Parker. Zijn familie is de rijkste in heel South Park. and "Screw you guys ...I'm going home!" Hij is lid van de PC Delta vereniging. Als u meer hulp nodig hebt bij het afwerken van uw kruiswoordraadsel, ga dan verder met uw navigatie en probeer onze zoekfunctie. quickly became a popular catchphrase,[4][45] while both Kenny and the phrase have appeared on some of the more popular pieces of South Park merchandise,[44] including shirts, bumper stickers, calendars and baseball caps,[39] and inspired the rap song "Kenny's Dead" by Master P,[44] which was featured on Chef Aid: The South Park Album. De beste vriend van Jimbo. Back Dorm Boys. Dit is een lijst van personages uit de Amerikaanse animatieserie South Park. Zegt vaak: De vader van Stan. She is also the other voice of reason (besides Kyle). [3] Kyle is the lone Jew among the group, and his portrayal in this role is often dealt with satirically. [39] Prior to Season Six, Kenny died in almost every episode, with only a few exceptions. De naam van dit personage is Willzyx. Stan Marsh is één van de hoofdpersonages uit de serie en woont bij zijn ouders Randy en Sharon, zijn oudere sadistische zus Shelley, Opa Marsh en homohond Sparky.Stan is een normale jongen, is goed in sport en houdt, net als alle andere kinderen uit South Park, erg van de Canadese show Terrance & Phillip. Dallas Cowboys Fans. South Park De Karakters Deze kleuters met een gemiddelde leeftijd van slechts 8 jaar weten elke aflevering weer de goorste en foutste woorden over hun lippen te krijgen. He always drinks red wine and listens to music by Boston when trolling. Donderdag 2 … South Park is an American animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt … Garrison. In the season 12 episode "Eek, a Penis! About Us: This site is intended to give South Park fans a chance to have some fun by making their own custom cartoon. However, FOX was not pleased with the show's inclusion of Mr. Hankey, a talking poo character, and felt it wouldn't bode well with viewers. Create your own South Park alter-ego or make one of your family and friends! Willem II-spits Wriedt zag … Eric Cartman (115 x uitgekomen) Jij bent Eric Cartman. 12 cm). [note 1] The nature of the deaths was often gruesome and portrayed in a comically absurd fashion,[43] and usually followed by Stan and Kyle respectively yelling "Oh my God! In many episodes, Kyle contemplates ethics in beliefs, moral dilemmas, and contentious issues, and will often reflect on the lessons he has attained with a speech that often begins with "You know, I learned something today...".[31]. As of season 22, Randy quit his job and moved the family to the countryside where he sets up Tegridy Farms to grow and distribute cannabis. This aspect has been toned down in recent years, and is more or less completely absent from newer episodes. Hij wordt een keer door iedereen uit South Park gehaat omdat hij in een spelprogramma ". In addition to the professional singing he did in his youth, Randy can also play guitar, as seen in "Guitar Queer-O". South Park Every episode of this critically acclaimed and award-winning show is packed with unforgettable adventures, cutting satire, and hilarious absurdity — from pissed off celebrities to talking towels and crime-fighting kids. South Park is een Emmy Award-winnende animatieserie die gaat over de avonturen van Stan, Kyle, Kenny en Cartman en de andere malle inwoners van het stadje South Park in Colorado, de Verenigde Staten.Het wordt tegenwoordig in Nederland op Comedy Central uitgezonden en eerst ook nog op The Box en Veronica. De hoofdpersonages van het Amerikaanse tv-programma South park zijn de vier jongens Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman en Kenny McCormick. In Season 7 Episode 2 "Krazy Kripples", it is made clear that both Jimmy and Timmy were born with their disabilities. Kicked out of South Park in "The Problem with a Poo", ending up in, One of the boys’ classmates and a commonly recurring background character. The other characters perceive him as "nerdy" and he obliviously maintains a very wholesome attitude and mild disposition despite the tragedy and abuse that he frequently encounters from both his classmates and parents. Hier komen binnenkort alle personages uit South Park te staan. Token vertolkt het stereotiepe beeld: hij zingt goed en kan volgens Cartman. [60][61] Jimmy is able to speak coherently, and his various aspirations on several different levels of journalism over time also sometimes even makes him more articulate than any of the other children, though his speech is largely affected by his stuttering, and sometimes also his tendency to end some of his sentences with "...very much". [5] Other children and classmates are alienated by Cartman's insensitive, racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, misogynistic, lazy, self-righteous, and wildly insecure behavior. Wendy Testaburger is the show's most prominent female student. [100] In 2006, Mezco toys released a second collection containing a total of six series, each containing six or four figures. Hieronder vindt u het juiste antwoord op Personage uit South Park Kruiswoordraadsel. EY got a problem with that you f*cking [88][89][90][91] Apart from being briefly appointed to the fictional federal position of "Secretary of Offense" under the Clinton Administration, Sheila is a stay-at-home mother. Mathijs Proos. Outcast, you're forgotten about a lot. Klasgenoot van Eric, Kyle, Stan en Kenny. [2] Kenny, who comes from a poor family, wears his parka hood so tightly that it covers most of his face and muffles his speech. Wanneer dat precies verschijnt, is nog niet bekend. She speaks in several episodes (especially in the first season) and is often chosen to help the boys out over her classmates. Kenny's shy and reclusive younger sister, who looks to Kenny for protection and comfort when she is upset, Butters' strict father (bisexual, as explored in "Butters' Very Own Episode"), The town's highly untrained and undereducated police officer, City Wok owner. Wendy is able to kiss Stan on the cheek in "Elementary School Musical" without his previous nauseated reaction. [55] Gerald is, in season 20 of the show, revealed to be an internet troll. Butters is een kleine naïeve … Kyle Broflovski (32 x uitgekomen) Jij bent Kyle Broflovski. Randy is 45 years old, and like Parker's father, is a geologist, making his first appearance in the series while monitoring a seismometer in the episode "Volcano". De 'beste' agent in South Park. Ook voor producten van South Park ben je bij ons aan het juiste adres. Butters usually doesn't indulge in a foul-mouthed language like the other children and speaks with a mild stutter and tends to fidget with his hands. Text is available under the … Het schoolhoofd van South Park Elementary. Garrison is particularly cynical, especially in comparison with the rest of South Park's adults, and he is one of the few characters to ever break the fourth wall on the show. South Park biedt de oplossing bij een Amerikaans team. Mr. Slave is een homoseksueel type uit South Park, dat een seksuele relatie had met Mr. Garrison. Het topic bestond reeds, maar is inactief, so... Wat voor Southpark personage ben jij? Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is one of the shows' main characters who debuted in the 1992 shorts. His oft-muffled and indiscernible speech—the result of his parka hood covering his mouth—is voiced by co-creator Matt Stone. In. [25][27] His portrayal in this role is often dealt with satirically, and has elicited both praise and criticism from Jewish viewers. [19] South Park producer and storyboard artist Adrien Beard, who voices Token Black, the only African-American child in South Park, was recruited to voice the character "because he was the only black guy [in the] building" when Parker needed to quickly find someone to voice the character during the production of the season four (2000) episode "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000".[20][21]. Hij is beste vrienden met Kyle en gaat daarnaast het beste om met Kenny. De oudere zus van Stan. He is also commonly portrayed as the main protagonist of the series, as in most episodes he plays this role. His antics eventually place him in the news after trolling a Danish olympian making him of the two main antagonists of the entirety of season twenty alongside Lennart Bedrager. [46] For most of season six, his place is taken by Butters Stotch and Tweek Tweak. De conservatieve oom van Stan. Loyal, nice to everyone. Create your own cartoon character in the style of South Park. In earlier seasons, Sheila often spearheaded public opposition to things she deemed harmful to children or to the Jewish community. In the episode "It's a Jersey Thing", it is revealed that Sheila was originally from New Jersey, where she was known as "S-Wow Tittybang", and that she and Gerald moved to South Park to avoid having their newly conceived child grow up there. He is well known for the phrase "Oh my God! ", he undergoes yet another sex change operation, returning to being a man. Hello, on se retrouve pour une vidéo exclusive sur South Park, l'annale du destin et sa création de personnage ! [42] Kenny is regularly teased for living in poverty, particularly by Cartman. Cartman's overly indulgent mother, who spoils her son. [59] Her outrage escalated in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut when she further protested Terrance and Phillip by forming "Mothers Against Canada", which eventually instigated a war between Canada and the United States making her one of the main antagonists of the film. [92][93][94] Gerald and Sheila Broflovski are an upper middle-class, Jewish married couple who raise their ten-year old son Kyle and three-year old Canadian son Ike. De belangrijkste personages zijn vier jongens van de basisschool, South Park Elementary genaamd: Stan Marsh : vriendelijk en goedaardig, maar kan soms ook eens wat gemeens verzinnen. They killed Kenny!" In één aflevering wordt ze door alle jongens aanbeden omdat ze als eerste in de klas borsten krijgt. Treedt vaak op als de rivaal van de jongens. [4][22] He first appeared in The Spirit of Christmas and is portrayed (in words of the show's official website) as "a normal, average, American, mixed-up kid". Deze pagina is een portaal van alle personages in South Park . Let erop dat de inhoud spoilers kunnen bevatten! Wendy made her first appearance unnamed, but clearly recognizable, in "The Spirit of Christmas". Kyle Broflovski is one of the show's four central characters and is voiced by and loosely based on series co-creator Matt Stone. [49] Kenny's superhero alter ego, Mysterion, first appeared in the season 13 episode "The Coon". Willekeurige personages. [104], He is addressed by this name after his sex-change operation from ", List of students at South Park Elementary, Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus, "Eric Cartman: America's Favorite Little $@#&*%", "Fox Refused to Take 'South Park' in 1997 Because of One Character, and Something Else as well", "That Time Fox Refused To Pick Up South Park Because Of Mr. Hankey", "Social satire keeps 'South Park' fans coming back for a gasp, and a laugh", "Contemporary Cartoon Conjures Racist Past", "Entertainment and wartime make strange bedfellows", "Norman Lear Discovers Soul Mates in 'South Park, "We're Not Losing the Culture Wars Anymore", "'South Park' tries to go for laughs with the Penn State scandal", "South Park: "Mysterion Rises" Review. [32] Cartman is frequently portrayed as a villain whose actions set in motion the events serving as the main plot of an episode. They killed Kenny!" Kenny McCormick. Counselor Steve. Killed by a police car in ", This page was last edited on 12 December 2020, at 19:20. K-10. [102] A number of fan websites provides an even more extended amount of merchandise, ranging from posters, to magnets, ties and even skateboards, South Park Studios offer through their website the possibility of creating personalized South Park avatars. His happy-go-lucky persona has been described as resembling that of a typical 1950s sitcom child character and is usually presented in stark contrast to the harsh treatment he receives at the hands of his friends and strict parents, Butters appeared initially as a background character in first the episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", but gradually became one of Parker and Stone's favorite characters. Ze is vijf jaar ouder dan Stan en ze laat duidelijk zien dat ze af en toe de baas is van de jongens. [2] Stan and Kyle are best friends, and their relationship, which is intended to reflect the real-life friendship between South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone,[4] is a common topic throughout the series. Maar is of zijn South Park nu precies? which he says in many episodes whenever Kenny is subjected to painful and often gruesome deaths, and this phrase is very well known throughout popular culture. [He] has a real story going on."[53]. Mr. Garrison was also inspired by a British literature professor Parker had at the University of Colorado; Parker said the voice he uses for the character is a dead-accurate impression of him. Create your own South Park Character! The original SP-Studio! Kijk wie je bent van South Park. Overige uitkomsten. At the climax of the film, she takes her crusade against the duo to the extreme by shooting Terrance and Phillip, which fulfills an apocalyptic prophecy allowing Satan, his minions, and his lover Saddam Hussein to invade the Earth. A classmate of the boys who is known to have a lisp and diabetes. During the show's first five seasons, Kenny would die in almost every single episode before returning in the next without explanation. [2][6][7] Mary Kay Bergman voiced the majority of the female characters until her death in 1999. Jouw uitkomst. De nieuwe game South Park: The Fractured but Whole is moeilijker als spelers een personage met een donkere huidskleur uitkiezen. Gerald is a lawyer who also serves on South Park's council as the city attorney,[54] and his role in this profession has been put on display in episodes such as "Sexual Harassment Panda" and "Chef Goes Nanners" in which a trial or legal issue plays a large part in the plot. [8] Bergman was originally listed in the credits under the alias Shannen Cassidy to protect her reputation as the voice of several Disney characters. [99], The characters of the South Park franchise have spawned several merchandise items, varying from toys to apparel items. En travaillent on arrive quand même a rire petite dédicace a Axel ;) [47] Both Cartman's commentary and the commentary resulting in response to his actions have been interpreted as statements Parker and Stone are attempting to make to the viewing public,[82] and these opinions have been subject to much critical analysis in the media and literary world. [83], Cartman ranked 10th on TV Guide's 2002 list of the "Top 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters",[84] 24th on TV Guide’s "25 Greatest TV Villains", 198th on VH1's "200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons",[85] and 19th on Bravo's "100 Greatest TV Characters" television special in 2004. Dit melden bedenkers Trey Parker en Matt Stone in een interview met Entertainment Weekly. Je kan de South Park wiki helpen door het uit te breiden. Mrs. McCormick. [7] Having appeared first in The Spirit of Christmas shorts, he often displays the highest moral standard of all the boys and is usually depicted as the most intelligent. Net als Jimmy begon Butters als klein zijkarakter in South Park. Uiterlijk 1 december in huis Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. [7] Cartman has been portrayed as aggressive, prejudiced and emotionally unstable since his character's inception. [33][34][35][36][37] Cartman often makes anti-semitic insults towards Kyle,[2][38] constantly teases Kenny for being poor,[39] particularly manipulates and mistreats Butters Stotch and displays an extreme disdain for hippies. He is physically disabled, requiring forearm crutches in order to walk. [86] When declaring him the second-scariest character on television (behind only Mr. Burns of The Simpsons) in 2005, MSNBC's Brian Bellmont described Cartman as a "bundle of pure, unadulterated evil all wrapped up in a fat—er, big-boned—cartoony package" who "takes a feral delight in his evildoing". When trolling, he makes provocative statements against women, and, most notably, creates images where he "puts a dick in [women's] mouths." Kenny's role in the show is the least consistent of the four boys. Wendy has previously been voiced by Karri Turner (in the unaired pilot), Mary Kay Bergman, Mona Marshall, Eliza Schneider, and is currently voiced by April Stewart. My Avatars [87], While Parker and Stone portray Stan and Kyle as having common childlike tendencies, their dialogue is often intended to reflect stances and views on more adult-oriented issues, and have been subject to much critical analysis in the media and literary world and have frequently been cited in publications by experts in the fields of politics, religion, popular culture and philosophy. Kenny's deaths have been subject to much critical analysis in the media and literary world. [14], Stone and Parker voice most of the male South Park characters. These traits are significantly augmented in later seasons as his character evolves, and he begins to exhibit psychopathic and extremely manipulative behavior. Suzanne Somers. In het rollenspel maken spelers hun eigen South Park … Een klasgenoot van hoofdrolspelers Eric, Stan, Kyle en Kenny. Hij vervangt Mr. Hat nadat Mr. Garrison voor zijn homoseksualiteit is uitgekomen. 29 99. [23] Stan is a third- then fourth-grade student who commonly has extraordinary experiences not typical of conventional small-town life in his hometown of South Park. Nadat Mr. Garrison zich heeft laten ombouwen tot vrouw, gaat hij met Big Gay Al samenwonen en trouwen ze. Kijk wie je bent van South Park. Avant la sixième saison, les personnages principaux de la série étaient quatre écoliers de huit ans (souvent appelé « les enfants » lorsqu'ils sont ensemble). Wendy was voted student council president, something first noted in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" and re-addressed seven seasons later in "Dances with Smurfs", when Cartman becomes the morning announcer and starts spreading defaming comments about her—most notably her supposed genocide of the Smurfs. Yellow Hawks. The series was originally set up at 20th Century Fox Television for its primetime premiere on FOX, which previously commissioned Parker and Stone to develop the short. Zijn stopwoordje is "M'kay" en daar wordt hij soms om uitgelachen. He also serves on the city council, specializing in the town's parks and public grounds. The ongoing narrative revolves around four children, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick, and their bizarre adventures in and around the fictional and eponymous Colorado town. Ned kan alleen spreken met een voice-box, doordat hij te veel heeft gerookt. In "Sexual Harassment Panda", Gerald repeatedly sued South Park Elementary (which was faultless in every case), and later every citizen of South Park, showing his shameless monetary greed and disregard for civil propriety. Shop official South Park t-shirts, hoodies, drinkware, hats & more at the South Park Shop. Dit personage kwam voor in South Park. When you're done, save it to your computer and use it on your website or print it out! Create Your Own. [96][97][98] When Sophie Rutschmann of the University of Strasbourg discovered a mutated gene that causes an adult fruit fly to die within two days after it is infected with certain bacteria, she named the gene "Kenny" in honor of the character. became catchphrases and, during the show's earlier seasons, were highly popular in the lexicon of viewers. Accidentally caused the death of his mother by leaving the toilet seat up. Ze is een vriendin van Wendy Testaburger. Lawyer (Pip) Alle personages. [8] Eliza Schneider and Mona Marshall succeeded Bergman in 1999, and respectively 2000, with Schneider leaving the show in 2003, after the seventh season. [44] In the episode "Kenny Dies", Kenny dies after developing a terminal muscular disease,[45] while Parker and Stone claimed that Kenny would not be returning in subsequent episodes and insisted they grew tired of having Kenny die in each episode. 1. Hij is geoloog en een hypochonder. Ze staat bekend om haar enorme hangende borsten. Welke South Park personage ben jij? Redacteur. Ze heeft altijd slechte zin en haar motto is: "shut up and sit down". Randy has conversely been subjected to ridicule from the entire town, ranging from when he inadvertently accelerated the effects of global warming by suggesting the entire populace take on a more uninhibited approach to passing gas in order to avoid the hazard of spontaneous combustion, to when he reluctantly exclaimed "niggers" while attempting to solve a puzzle during a live broadcast of Wheel of Fortune. Herbert J. Garrison, formerly known as Janet Garrison,[52] was the boys’ fourth grade teacher at South Park Elementary until his dismissal, after which he mounted a campaign that resulted in his election as President of the United States. Personages die permanent zijn gestorven in het South Park … Custom Creators: Custom South Parks Custom Anime. He can become increasingly anxious, especially when faced with the likelihood of his parents' punishments, which is usually being grounded, usually, for no good reason, such as when Butters threatened to "kill" himself as part of a scheme by Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, and his parents said they would "only" ground him for two weeks if he came down. In seizoen 7 wordt Tweek weer vervangen door Kenny. His role in given episodes has fluctuated between a fully fledged member of the group for the show's first five seasons, and in other seasons been virtually absent. De Comedy Central-reeks is ondertussen al aan z’n 24ste seizoen toe. Hij draagt een rood vest met een bruinachtige strik. Hij trekt vaak op met Timmy en hij is. Ghost Celebrities. He underwent a sex change in the season 9 premiere "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina". [79][80] His eccentric enunciation of "Hey!" Cartman is a South Park fan favorite,[32] and is often described as the most famous character from the series. Wat is je haarkleur? She has long black hair with uneven bangs. Wendy is very prominent in the show's earlier seasons, usually quarreling with Eric Cartman or reinforcing her relationship with Stan. Buiten zijn eigen naam te roepen kan hij enkel grommen en schreeuwen, Timmy's handen zijn bovendien ook helemaal misvormd, net zoals zijn hoofd. Sharon has never been portrayed in a work capacity in the series, but was depicted as the receptionist at Tom’s Rhinoplasty, a local surgical clinic, in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and South Park: The Stick of Truth. One of the boys' two handicapped classmates, whose vocabulary is mostly limited to the enthusiastic shouting of his own name, The boys' wealthiest classmate and was the only black child in the town until the introduction of Nichole in the season 16 episode ", The boys' hyperactive and paranoid classmate due to an excessive intake of coffee, although his parents believe it to be because of ADD. South Park is an American animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network. [12][13], In tradition with the show's cutout animation style, the characters are composed of simple geometrical shapes and uninflected patches of predominantly primary colors. Ze overlijdt in seizoen 8 in de aflevering, Een vrolijke en spontane drol met vrijwel altijd een kerstmutsje op. De schoolpsychiater met een groot hoofd zoekt altijd problemen in de kinderen. Latest: You are 1 of hundreds online now. They killed Kenny!" Gullible, trusts people too easily. He later began pretending to be in a relationship with classmate Craig Tucker in the episode ", The school's counselor; known for frequently saying "M'Kay", The current principal of the school, who replaced Principal Victoria after she was fired in, The current vice principal of the school who is in a secret relationship with PC Principal; later gives birth to 5 children referred to as PC Babies, Stan's violent, snobbish, ill-tempered and mischievous older sister who despises her brother and his friends, Randy's father and Stan's grandfather, who attempts to kill himself or have others do so in several episodes, Kyle's younger brother, the Canadian-born adopted son of Gerald and Sheila, Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza Schneider, April Stewart.