The problem was that the first cracks in the comfortable post-war, Despite the mythology, sedulously disseminated by the complicit Scottish media, there never was a pro-devolution, To be expedient, we must act within the bounds of international law consistent with, By the time the conclave meets there is likely to be at least some, There is no pressure for him to succeed, for the, These scolds may defy common sense, but they're still worthy of attention because they represent the, This credo of a particular order of comparative literature is like the hush of the schoolmarm enforcing a designed, In a fierce attack on both Labour and the Tories, he urged all parties to reach a, It was kind of incredible but the general, Strategic behavior of forecasters provides a theoretical explanation for biased, Some of his ideas resonate closely with the contemporary, Three factors complicate the abortion question and hinder us from reaching a national, His career in government was that of a charter member of the internationalist, Having seen the film it is not too difficult to understand why general, The government of Nunavut will be a non-party system and members run as independents and will govern by, We did not present our groups with a checklist of topics or require them to come to, What seems to be lacking right now is a national, The campaign will be proportionate and just, legally accountable and supported by international, Suddenly, everyone awoke to the realization that we had come to one mind, we had reached, He has often had to work with his back to the wall to find a, This happens in the case that the candidate sequence is identical to the most conserved nucleotide at every position of the, This result lines up well with previous studies that also find repeated instances of biased, Yet, exegetes can hardly ignore the unbroken, Similarly, appeals to either form critical or redactional studies have not won a, Even then it would not derive from any objectively ascertainable standard or, Thus, values and norms were imposed through coercive instruments rather than, At a first stage, a group coheres thanks to family bonds, religious, He sees hope in the Islamic tradition of shura, by which a ruler is supposed to seek consultation and, Normally there is a close relation between art world, There is full political, parliamentarian and public, They should enter into some negotiation with the claimers in the case and arrive at some, Because the deniers are so out of tune with this overwhelming scientific, Inside the fence, people spoke of solidarity and, Selig's power base among the owners is built on a record of, While no fully unified vision emerged, the basic parameters of a rough, A good policy is one that can cause society to come together and form a common, At the height of Britpop, there was something of a, This turns out to be an argument which raises deep and difficult issues, and there is no, The following diagram indicatively illustrates the. 12 examples: Except for the panelists' consensus statement drafting sessions, all… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus My profile an unanimous consensus: Letzter Beitrag: 23 Sep. 10, 11:24: Ich würde gerne die oben stehende Phrase benutzen. The most useful turn taking (interrupting, etc) phrases. 1. The first thing a theoretician does with apparently important problems is to formalise them, the better for reasoning about them. 2 He was the first to break the consensus and criticize the proposal. It's a consensus hallucination. So consensus is very important. Consensus Sentence Examples. Übersetzung für 'consensus' im kostenlosen Französisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. There is considerable debate and research into both collective intelligence and consensus decision-making. Thankfully, it involves only three properties. Values and principles such as sharing, co-operation, altruism, communalism, nonviolence, nonconfrontation, consultation, I suppose a certified agreement is a real product of, Let's hear it for the heretics and the emergence of a Nazarene in the midst of all this theocratic, These are great accomplishments, achieved by peaceful, Many of these vacancies are in the electronics sector, which has thrived in the climate of, Displaying the temporary disagreements to the public would hamper communication of the, Data were independently abstracted by three of the authors and disagreements were resolved by, Two assessors independently reviewed each trial, and disagreements were resolved by, In colonial America, policing relied on community, So far, what can be discerned from the main manifestos is an almost complete, With respect to agreement, dissensus rather than, Let us tactically begin with the social form, While it was not wholly opposed to legal enactment it generally favoured machinery based on, The divergence of views suggests a marked lack of, The dummy had turned out to be just that, a dummy, with the group, He faced resistance in his own company-his management team tended to rule by, She said she would listen to the people in order to achieve a, Let's hope that this does not become an excuse for formally launching operations prior to, But once we get beyond those clear points of extremity, I don't think we do find that there is, What they say is that, although there is no, He advanced that consent has to be understood as. In spite of the recognition of the urgent need for harmonization and standardization, Moreover, the charge that people are denying what Orsekes defines as the, The meeting, attended by all five legislative caucuses, attempted to thrash out a preliminary, By interaction and osmosis, the prevailing attitude shifts from one of doctrine, to that of a general, But it did not cede Taiwan because among legal experts, there is a, The big news is that for all the Sturm und Drang, we may be seeing the emergence of a remarkable expert, The closest cohesion in this will be reached through a synodical unity of spirit and a striving for, Having spoken to people about it the general, He permitted people to retain it, and since then there has been a, Dressed informally in windbreakers and sweaters, they helped build a, The 60,000 samples obtained from the four chains were then concatenated to produce the, They have also helped to undermine the social, It was only a few weeks ago that there was a broad, On the positive side, there is now emerging, He was the only American world title holder and, according to a, Orchestrated inside jobs seemed to be the, Public policy encourages surgeons to innovate when confronted with a problem, emergency or elective, for which there is no, One explanation for this lack of accord is the fact that a, The fact that he is ultimately accountable to the clubs means that he needs a, A strong relationship means that it must depend on a, But would these crimes cease to be crimes if, instead of being committed by unscrupulous tyrants, they were legitimated by popular, The following subcommittee reports are a product of this, He was arguably coloured by notions of lack of, This confidence rests on the fact that a broad, This is a difficult concept for the gaijin to grasp when brought up on the premise that the Japanese are a, But we have come to question the divergent assumptions that underlie this seemingly broad, The wars over the Fair Housing Act were vicious and essentially broke the back of the civil rights, Without effective state support for disciplinary sanctions, voluntary, And since the whole country is yearning for peace, I believe these different points of view will finally converge in a grand national, The past year has brought to light what so long was concealed under the veil of the German, The priority given to low costs contributes to a, Every meeting should be skilfully chaired to achieve, Most people are not very optimistic that they can come to that kind of, Backing down simply wasn't an option, however strong the, They determine the steps of the interaction process that are supposed to lead to, Such regimes put up a veneer of stability, unity and, The two authors discussed the coding and when disagreements arose the transcripts were restudied and discussed until a, Ruling and opposition party legislative caucuses finally reached a, The researchers resolved disagreements by, In fact I think we gained little or no respect by allowing ourselves to fall in with the, I think there would be a certain amount of, Unlike patent, it does not purport to draw bright lines around ideas but proscribes what is, by, The government has at its helm a man who seeks, Assessing fetal growth is complex, and there is little, The King was looking for a way to engineer, Each tick mark indicates that a nucleotide within the strain differs from the, A better PM, with the persuasive skills which a consummate politician should have could have at his command, evolved a, The width of this range represents a measure of the degree of, The occupation of the north-eastern departments of France throughout the war also helped to prolong this, Leo Marai, of Papua New Guinea, will share case examples of how, Somebody needs to pick up the baton here and, you know, without kind of waiting for a, How do we battle the gravitation toward happy, In a party without a frontrunner, and seemingly rudderless, Bush is the closest thing the GOP has to a, We checked in each of the 72 lineages whether the original mutation had reverted to its ancestral wild-type state by performing, In the wake of this fact comes the third and most obvious, Russian officials in the past have suggested that their membership into the wto could be approved without a, It has been tradition at the wto that all members agree to new members by, All the indicators are that any free consultation of the community would have revealed an overwhelming, A large body of literature reveals there is no, As long as they remain reliant on the multinational forces, it will be difficult to create a national, This puts into wistful perspective the developing, It would be prudent to reach some kind of, When a scientific truth arises, it is so because of observational and experimental, Back then, property was understood by universal, The title of chief was largely a matter of prestige, as authority was exercised by the, Even though there was a certain amount of intra-allelic variation in intronic and third codon positions, an allele-specific DNA, Bernanke is in the unenviable position of trying to run an organization where ideally, he wants, He's energizing his opponents and driving away moderates in droves because he is a right wing ideologue who refuses to make even the slightest concession to achieve, It is vital that this problem should be confronted in the light of 21 st-century realities, rather than viewed through the old prism of leftish, The outcomes of congressional races and the presidential contest could further complicate attempts to achieve a, Prime ministers have been mostly puppets, elderly time-servers who give a higher priority to loyalty, secrecy and, The unpalatable truth, which the cosy triumvirate of mainstream parties refuse to face, is that there is not, and never has been a liberal, By thumbing our nose at the world and dismissing the, We have kept everyone informed to make sure that we are all batting for Bolton, but they have thrown away an all-party, After much thrashing around, the biotech industry is finally nearing, I mean, people say the trial is itself proof that things have changed, that there is a, Over half a century later the medical community has not come to a, Such now familiar terms as Orientalism and primitivism, while they mark the beginning of a, Significantly, her decision not to vote with the, People's attention spans have drooped a lot, it's pretty much the, Fifty years later, the Reagan consensus prevails, it seems to me, more so than Roosevelt, It is tempting for gay-rights advocates to imagine that a national majority is the same as a national, Due to the divergent stances of the member nations, the annual powwow had difficulty reaching, The functionalist theory views increasing social integration, harmony and social, Challenge the system with continuing high unemployment or the need to create a, While Bolshevism was a dictatorship of the proletariat, Nazism was a dictatorship with a voting, News stories like this one at Vox expressed the, While other spacefaring nations have promulgated their own standards for debris mitigation, there is, as of now, no international, It has moved from being a dominant power which most often works through a sort of informal, Professionals invariably dominate such bodies, making, It is clear that global challenges must be met with an emphasis on peace, in harmony with others, with strong alliances and international, The municipality's council resolved not to resile from the agreement but to conclude a settlement agreement designed to reach, It is interesting to note how much the collective decision making of the states united under the Albany Plan of Union would have been based on, At the first instance the settlement agreement was declared void by the Brussels labour tribunal because of absence of, In order to be valid, a settlement agreement must meet various conditions, among others the lack of absence of, He added that the retreat was organised to appreciate the stage of each of the bills in order for the two chambers to increase the cooperation they had and be, Strangely enough, this was another immediate, reflexive, That this is a rare eventuality is itself a tribute to the, But then the Board was set up to be at the apex of a, But, rather inconsistently, many jurists asserted that after consultation the ruler must follow the opinion that is most consistent with the, Each member has one vote, and decisions are usually taken by. 1 a : general agreement : unanimity the consensus of their opinion, based on reports … from the border — John Hersey. 2000+ Performance Review Phrases: The Complete List [Performance Feedback Examples] Collaboration and Cooperation Part 1. 2 : group solidarity in sentiment and belief. Here’s how the studies went. A consensus on good taste is a futile ambition, for who knows what it would be, and who cares? Sorry to interrupt, but… Can I come here (for a moment)? [...] consensus, ou expliquez pourquoi vous n'avez pas été en mesure de faire consensus. The term “false consensus effect” was first coined in the 1970s by Lee Ross. WORD beschwehrt sich aber über das "an" u… 3 Antworten: consensus: Letzter Beitrag: 12 Dez. Naval Ravikant. I’d like to take a moment to introduce… [name + des… It took several hours for the jury to come to a consensus. [...] take a decision on the report. Examples of consensus statement in a sentence, how to use it. The varieties of philosophical positions that fall, or get thrown, under the heading of a 'consensus theory of truth', can be classified in accord with the diversity of senses attached to the component terms, 'consensus', 'theory', and 'truth'. 2. Never tell yourself that you "know" an English word or phrase. 2. These scenarios ranged from how to deal with speeding tickets to where to put … Infographic: How many words do you 'need'? There is a growing consensus of opinion on this issue. More formal definitions say that each node has an output register that, once th… Communication and Interpersonal Skills Part 6. Hello, everyone. A close equivalent phrase might be the "collective opinion" of a group, keeping in mind that a high degree of variation is still possible among individuals, and certainly if there must be individual commitment to follow up the decision with action, this variation remains important. Explanation of the English phrase "come to a consensus on (something)": When a group of people "come to a consensus" it means that they agree on something like a decision or a conclusion: A: Have you come to a consensus yet? Thank you for coming today. Multimedia Learning Guide to Improve English Fluency. The problem with language learning "levels". See Usage Note at redundancy. Despite extensive consensus about the definition of formalisation, ... for example in Kenya and Tanzania, where decision-makers have publically advocated partnerships within the context of a multi-stakeholder dialogue and have agreed on activities for their implementation. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Leadership Genuine Leader. Majority of opinion: The Consensus of the group was that they should meet twice a month . Fortunately for homeowners, a consensus has not been reached in favor of a property tax increase. There now exists a broad political consensus in … Clearly the phrase quoted could imply any level of human contribution to warming. 1 The two parties have reached a consensus. [...] work, negotiation and seeking a consensus, thi s Parliament will. You can indicate what you're trying to agree on with the phrase "come to a consensus on ___": I think we've finally come to a consensus on our … Consensus in a sentence. For example, the guidance given to the volunteer raters suggests that an abstract containing the words ‘Emissions of a broad range of greenhouse gases of varying lifetimes contribute to global climate change’ should be taken as explicit but unquantified endorsement of the consensus. When a group of people "come to a consensus" it means that they agree on something like a decision or a conclusion: You can indicate what you're trying to agree on with the phrase "come to a consensus on ___": I think we've finally come to a consensus on our team's name. It is not strange that there is a growing consensus of … If I can just (interrupt) (for a moment),… Allowing people to speak/ Inviting people to speak/ Allowing people to interrupt (Of course/ Sure), (please) go ahead. For example, a product development team has three product designs but can only implement one. 4 It is difficult to reach a consensus about electoral reform. 3. (Before you go on,) can I just say…? In order to reach consensus, the competent authorities should consider relevant criteria, which may include those set out in the Guidelines which were published in the Eurojust Annual Report 2003 and which were drawn up for the needs of practitioners, and take into account for example the place where the major part of the criminality occurred, the place where the majority of the loss was sustained, the … Attendance and Punctuality Part 3. Ross is a Stanford professor and social psychologist studying the way that people make judgements and decisions. I hope that today, after many months of. Adaptability Part 5. Money Never Bubble. consensus (about/on something) She is skilled at achieving consensus on sensitive issues. Definition of Consensus. general agreement about something. List of useful phrases for discussions written in complete sentences 3 There is a consensus among teachers that children should have a broad understanding of the world. The phrase "consensus reality" applies specifically to the consensus or agreed-upon -- here by mutual belief -- reality and can be used to refer to objective reality as opposed to the ravings of a deranged or insane individual whose reality is outside of the consensus. (The Definitive Guide for Students), How the Benefits of Tutoring to Learn a Language Outweigh Those of the Classroom Environment. Researchers would give participants a scenario to read and then two options for how to deal with the scenario. an opinion that all members of a group agree with. Examples of Consensus in a sentence. b : the judgment arrived at by most of those concerned the consensus was to go ahead. | Bedeutung, Aussprache, Übersetzungen und Beispiele Commitment and Professionalism Part 2. an attempt to reach a consensus. 2. Good day all, This is a write up on consensus mechanisms on Blockchain and how they compare. In general, the learned consensus dubbed the whole business with indifference. The general consensus of opinion has it that love is not a good thing for professional sportsmen. Another important Latin phrase is mala prohibita, and it is used to describe acts that are prohibited or criminal because the consensus of members of society says they are. His experiments showed that people may have a tendency to believe that other people think like them. presumptions of logic (for example, where a party receives an advantage under a clause, he must be presumed to have accepted that clause), (8) or on the basis of conclusive conduct (for example where a written confirmation was not contested by the other party, or the acceptance of a benefit provided for in return for a clause conferring jurisdiction favouring the other party), (9) or again on the basis of the … First, I’d like to welcome you all.If there are new people in the meeting, or people from different departments who might not know each other, the chairperson may introduce them: 1. (What would you like to say?/ Please have your say.) Translations in context of "the consensus" in English-German from Reverso Context: the european consensus, the broad consensus, the monterrey consensus, the consensus reached, the european consensus on development I try to dive into the mechanics, features and limitations of each consensus mechanisms. consensus Bedeutung, Definition consensus: 1. a generally accepted opinion or decision among a group of people: 2. a generally accepted…. We say that a node decides once it has reached it’s decision about the value it thinks everyone else agrees on. Interrupting. Each member of the team votes for the product they feel will be most commercially successful with all members agreeing to support the outcome of the vote. "The consensus is that Sasha dug his own grave," Kiki said. The phrase Consensus of opinion, which is not actually redundant (see sense 1a; the sense that takes the phrase is slightly older), has been so often claimed to be a redundancy that many writers avoid it . 4. I’m going to keep the theory light here, but we need to get straight what constitutes a solution to the consensus problem. This is but one more example of the consensus view being way out in left field. Here was a political consensus that a progressive government could have championed. Productivity and Quality of Work Part 4. Money is a bubble that never pops. An opinion or position reached by a group as a whole: "Among political women ... there is a clear consensus about the problems women candidates have traditionally faced" (Wendy Kaminer). My theory of "hook phrases", “We're trying to come to a consensus on where to go for drinks.”, How to Read Faster? When the judge learned the jury had not reached a consensus on the defendant’s guilt, he sent the group back into the room for further discussion. Reverso Context oferă traducere în context din engleză în română pentru "consensus", cu exemple: broad consensus, the european consensus, consensus among For example, if the ultimate consensus would be that the sky is blue, then the claim "the sky is blue" is considered to be true. Since everyone is here, let’s get started. Example: I was discussing a problem with colleagues last week, and we made progress towards a solution but didn't quite get there. You are safe in using Consensus alone when it is clear you mean Consensus … 3. This article focuses strictly on the idea of consensus in the abstract, not on the implications of consensus for politics or economics, w… Synonyms for Consensus (other words and phrases for Consensus). Agreeing as a group to support the outcome of a vote. The word or phrase refers to the consensus reached at the end of the last conversation about a topic, just before the group parted. To start the meeting, the meeting leader (who is called the chairperson or chair) may use one of these phrases: 1. The 3 biggest improvements you can make to your English writing, The key to understanding natural spoken English, 5 steps to achieving your New Year's resolutions, 8 reasons why your English isn't improving, How your brain learns English (and how it doesn't). Consensus Definition: A consensus is general agreement among a group of people. B: No, we're still trying to decide. The findings of the scientific community tend to affect only the consensus of the scientific community overtly. Why Memorize? Another way to say Consensus? Martin Luther King, Jr.